Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I join even if I am not Sephardic ?
What if I live out of town?

A - We are open to all Jews, so long as you fill out all of the necessary information on the form. Once the form is submitted, we verify the information with one of the listed Rabbis. This is obviously more difficult for us to do if your Rabbi is not familiar with the Sephardic community. In cases such as this, the processing of your form may take substantially longer. While you are waiting, we encourage you to visit our friends at www.sawyouatsinai.com, one of the premiere Jewish Singles Sites on the Internet today.

The following are a list of changes to our format you should be aware of
a. before choosing to fill out our site questionnaire
b. if you have filled out a form that has not been processed yet
c. If you are currently on the site & have not received the amount of matches you anticipated

1- Sephardic Link is a private endeavor which provides personal matchmaking services to Jewish Singles age 18 & up in Brooklyn, Manhattan & New Jersey. Our services are offered free of charge by volunteer matchmakers only to those who’s eligibility is approved by a Rabbinical Authority endorsed by the Rabbinical Board of this organization. A Rabbi need not necessarily know the applicant personally, but knowing one’s family background is essential.

2- Our site’s original intent was to cater to out of towner’s as well as Overseas & Global Jewish Communities, however due to the overwhelming amount of applicants from abroad, our local Matchmakers/Agents have been unable to offer the hands on, in-person service that our members have come to expect. In addition, the majority of our database is unwilling to relocate making ‘out-of town’ matching unfeasible.

3- By all means we welcome all Jewish Singles to join our site, however keep in mind that unless your Rabbinical & Geographical qualifications fall under the above categories, we cannot assign you an Agent & you will be contacted only if you turn up as a match for one of our active members. In the case that an out of towner is willing to relocate, we will gladly match you once we have an in person interview with you.

4- We are currently working with communities’ from abroad to help address the growing concerns of singles in those locations. Many are looking into creating sub divisions of our site, and we ask for your patience until this mission is accomplished. We are confident that this new format will allow us to continue serving our members with the efficiency & care they have come to expect.

Q - What do I do if I have problems filling out my form?

A - It is best to use Internet Explorer instead of aol, mozilla etc...Other common mistakes are- never press the back button, and make sure to type your birthdate as 07/10/1969. If you lose your page, just log in again with your password and it should take you back to the last page you left off on. Keep in mind you cannot use the same screen name to start over- you must use a different screename or ask us to delete your original profile for you.If all else fails, please Contact kelly@sephardiclink.com.Write down your problem, and if applicable, please note the last button you pressed before the problem occurred. Do not contact your agent regarding technical problems.

Q - Can you guarantee you will find me singles to date as soon as I join?

A - There is never any guarantee. You must understand, especially in our first year, that we have no control when or who will join our site at any given time. While we have been embraced with open arms from the single community from the beginning, we cannot guarantee that individuals who meet your search match criteria will join our database. We have a few suggestions though. Be patient, and understand that whatever is meant to be is meant to be.Just being on the site is making our Agents aware of you, and causing them to always think of youw hever your match does appear.

Q - I’m not interested in being involved on the site on a constant basis. Is there an easier way?

A - Yes, you can take the time to fill out the questionnaire once, and not choose an agent. This way, you are in our database, and should you meet someone else’s criteria, an agent will contact you. Keep in mind though that , without your own agent, you will not have an individual constantly looking on your behalf, and on our site you are unable to look for yourself.

Q - Who do I contact if I have a problem with my agent?

A - Contact kelly@sephardiclink.com.The reason we have taken the agent's names off the users list is because many agents are at capacity, and the newer agents will be assigned a user by request as your forms become processed. If you are interested in a particular agent, please e mail us and tell us, we will reassign you to that agent if he/she is avaliable to take on new clients.

Q - How do I know that all of the singles on the site are Jewish according to the standards of my own Rabbi?

A - When a single joins, we check with their rabbinical referral that they are in fact Jewish. While most community Rabbis follow the same standards, sometimes standards can vary from rabbi to rabbi. The same method you would use if you were to date outside of the site should be applied to the dates on the site as well. If you still live with your parents and must approve all dates with them, then we advise you do the same for all matches suggested on this site. Our Agents are merely providing you with a suggestion based on your criteria and their approval should not supersede that of you parents/rabbi should you normally seek out their approval. Please check with your own rabbi to make sure the rabbi that referred a member holds the same standards as your Rabbi.

Q - What are you basing the matches on?

A - There are many different levels involved, depending on how broad or specific each member chooses to be. First, we run a basic match search, which sifts through our database to find the mutual matches based on the search criteria that each chose for themselves. If there is a need to narrow it down further, your agent will look at each potential match side by side on their screen and look at other more detailed criteria. The agent will also have the option to narrow or expand, modify or accommodate the search depending on the feedback that you give them. We also have the option to do a one way match- the options are endless, but we custom tailor each depending on each individuals needs, and depending on the amount of individuals in our database that qualify as a potential match for a particular single.

Q - I am very nervous about putting my information on a website – how will I know who will see it?

A - Rest assured that your information is safe with us. We take pride in the fact that we are different from other websites in that respect. Our program was designed and is maintained by a professional team who are constantly making sure that your information is safeguarded. Furthermore, only the agents are privy to your information. If there Is an agent or two whom you do not wish to share your information with, there is an option for that on the choose an agent page. Only when you match with someone else do we show just a name, photo, and the city and state that the single currently resides in. Even then, the women has the option whether or not the match can view this information.

Q - Why does the form have to be so long?

A - Yes, it may seem long, but all of the information on it is pertinent and necessary. In fact, we cut it down in half from what it first was. If you go to other websites out there, they too are lengthy,even more so, as we all have to have the proper information in order to make a successful match. On top of this standard form, we at Sephardic link have to make sure all of our Jewish criteria is covered as well. So to answer your question, it may seem long, but it’s a one time commitment to fill it out, and after that you never have to fill anything out again. Just sit down once to fill it out, get it out of the way, and make way for the excitement. We are confident that the results will be worth it!

Q - I just joined the site and have not been contacted yet by an agent? what is taking so long?

A - Most people think that they fill out the form and they are instantly in the database. What they don't realize is that your form is screened, and your name & family background are sent to the Rabbi that you indicated on your form.Once the Rabbi gives you an approval, we make sure that you have a photo attched(we have a policy of not processing forms without a photo)When all is in place, we assign you an agent. Once the agent familiarizes his/herself with your profile, they will conatct you to meet with you and then the matching process begins!

Q - How do I decide which Rabbi to give as a reference?

A - It is important to understand that a Rabbi references need not be a personal reference. The Rabbi need only know your parents and/or grandparents to be able to approve that you are able to be married or re-married in a Jewish wedding according to the standards of the Halacha of the Sephardic Community based on the traditions of Rabbi Jacob S. Kassin A"H.If you are divorced or adopted, it helps if the Rabbi is aware of the details of your Get or Adoption. If not, be prepared to show your Rabbi a copy of the certificate.Obviously, it's always a help to us when a Rabbi gives a person a personal recommendation, but if he knows you personally and does not know your family background, you may need to choose another Rabbi.

Q - Who are some of the Rabbis that I can choose from to give me an approval?

A - The list grows every day, but below are some of the names of Rabbis who have given approvals before: Rabbi List R Elie Abadi
R Attie (Israel)
R Shimon Alouf
R David Algaze
R Steve Amon
R Yehuda Azancot
R Amram Assayag
R Yechezkel Abraham
R Ronald Barry
R Bal Hanes
R Yehuda Ben Hamu
R Avraham Ben hamu
R Melvin Berg
R Yaakove Ben haim
R Eliayu Ben haim (Queens)
R Eli Ben Haim
R Yehuda ben Haim
R Haim Benoliel
R Tully Besser
R Sam Beyda
R Joe Beyda
R Raymond beyda
R Yosef Bitton
R Gad Bouskilla
R Brander (Florida)
R Nissim Basseleh
R Benshushan
R Chait
R Shmuel Choueka
R Shlomo Churba
R Shahoud Chrem(Brasil)
R David Cohen
R Shimon Cohen
R Shlomo Diamond
R Joe Dweck
R Isaac Dwek
R Moshe Dweck
R Nathan Escava
R Hanania Elbaz
R Eliyau Elbaz
R Isaac Farhi
R Aharon Farhi
R Yaakov Farhi
R Eli Greenwald
Rabbi Galimidi
R Dr Martin Grossman
R Raymond Haber
R Hillel Haber
R Michael Haber
R Halpern
R Raymond Harari
Rabbi Hachuel
R Ayal Hamoff
R Yosef Hamra
R Shalom Hecht
R Avraham Hecht
R David jemal
R Shoul Kassin
R Sammy Kassin (Israel)
R David Kipper
R Ezra labaton
R Shlomo Lankry
R Aaron Lankry(Florida)
R Nissim Levy
R Yamin Levy
R avraham Levy
R Moshe Levy,
R Yirmiyahu Levy
R Zevlun Lieberman
R Tzion Levy(Panama)
R Eli Mansour
R Max Masalton
R Shaoul Masaltan
R Ely Matalon
R David masri
R Jack Mevorah
R David malej
R Yitzchak Mohedeb
R Yaakov Menashe
R Moshe Mayor
R David nahem
R yaakov nasirov
R Shlomo Nisinov
R Yosef Oziel(Toronto)
R David Ozeri
R Moshe Raful
R Rabhan
R Reuben Semah
R David Serouya
R Chaim Shaoul
R Shoub
R David Sultan
R Moshe Shamah
R David sutton
R E Shamah(Brazil)
R Shmuel Soulemenie
R Harold sutton
R Ralph Tawil
R David Toledano(California)
R shlomo Wadliche
R Weinberg
R meyer Yedid

Q - Why won't the profile allow me to see the list of Agents ?

A - With so many new sign ups recently, many of our Agents are not available to accept clients- it is important not to overload our Agents so that they can continue to give each person the attention they deserve.However, if you have a special request for an Agent, we can ask the Agent if they can accommodate you.(Always request at least 3 agents in case any are booked up) We have recently trained and added over a dozen new Agents as well to meet the demand on our site. Please take a look at our list of Agents below, and feel free to request an Agent, otherwise we will match you to the Agent we feel is right for you, and who is available at the time your form gets processed.
Allegra Ashkenazie Mamiye
Alice Terzi Tawil
Adele Sutton Adjmi
Brenda Setton Pindek
Claudia Chalom Bildiricci
Debbie Salama Benzaken
Elaine Sutton Dweck
Esther Serure Anteby
Eileen Cohen Escava
Frieda Cohen Franco
Frieda Cohen Betesh
Gladys Escava Hazan
Lisa Faham Selzer
Marilyn Maleh Harary
Melanie Shalom Kishk
Maureen Franco Safdie
Meir & Vivian Erani
Maggie Mizrahi/Ishay Bawabeh
Penny Serure Dweck
Rachelle Fetaya Safdie
Randy Laniado
Renna Franco Bildirici
Renee Matut Seruya
Ricci Gindi Haddad
Robin Harary Sassoon
Rochelle Hidary Harary
Rochelle Mizrahi Terzi
Rochelle Hanon Dweck
Shirley Mansour
Sherry Laniado Harary
Sarah Grazi Esses
Sharon Taub Haddad
Shifra Shulman Hanon
Sophia Levy Bildirici
Stephanie Jemal Sultan
Susan Shamah Cohen
Terry Sitt
vivian Shabot farhi

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