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Letter From Rabbi Dr. Hanania Elbaz -

The Sephardic Community wishes to express its profound gratitude for the outstanding, incredible, and innovative project you are undertaking.ie to link and create vibrant religious homes according to our Sephardic Traditions and Menhagim.
Baruch Hashem, our community has Yeshivot, Elementary and High School, Kollelim and Mikvaot. But one link was missing, the matching bureau, and now it is in full gear. Congratulations!
The most amazing part of this endeavor is the way iit is being conducted. Drafting volunteers, Rabbis, leaders of various vocations, all working in unison with such zest and enthusiasm, knowing full well their task is extremely difficult and burdensome, requires time and demands a lot of responsibility. Your group took this holy mission and achives it with devotion, sincerity, dedication, and above all, Leshem Shamayim.
Indeed your actions are goldly. Only Hashem is busy with the matchmaking business since the time of Adam and Eve. Thus, your actions are procreating Am Israel, bringing joy and happiness to several couples. Indeed, your task brings healing to people emotionally and psychologically. No more solitary life. Now they have a home and prospects of building beautiful Jewish families.
With the zechut of this mitzvah, G-d will shower uopn you and your beautiful families with abundant blessings of long life to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Respectfully yours,
Rabbi Hanania Elbaz, Spiritual Leader


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