Who We Are

- SephardicLink.Com is a private Sephardic Jewish online dating site whose objective is to provide singles with a new alternative to meeting, and ultimately dating others. This private, personalized online community is a much needed medium for the singles of our community who are tired of the same old parties and lack of new faces, or for those who just want to jumpstart their social lives. It is also the perfect antidote to relatives breathing down your back, parties that begin at 1 am, and those slow uneventful winter months.Sephardiclink.com strives to bring the world of dating into the future.

Why scan thousands of unverified profiles on online dating sites when you can have a dedicated agent working for you? That’s right, your own dedicated agent does all the work to insure the privacy and validity of the sites members. This site is by the singles, for the singles; friends and family need never know that you ever joined! There is no fee, and it is completely private- no one is allowed access to your profile unless you and your agent agree to it. SephardicLink.Com has the informality and casualness of Text or Instant Messaging but with much broader access. With everything to gain -it’s a win win situation for all!

PHASE ONE of the site is geared to young singles ages 18-32, with the sites focus on dating and meeting others, while providing social activity, an opportunity to make connections they may not have otherwise had, and keep their appearance in the singles scene at a constant. PHASE TWO is exclusive to singles 32 and up, in which white glove service will be given to find their perfect match, and give hope for the future whether it be a first time marriage or a remarriage

Our goal at SephardicLink.Com is to change the face of Sephardic dating as we know it today. Currently, the only opportunities available to our singles are limited. Another alternative is a community matchmaker who, while successful in setting up matches, is usually limited to the matchmakers own connections- imagine the prospects if all their efforts were consolidated. With the latest software technology at our disposal, we can now take the archaic method of dating and revolutionize it to help benefit the future of the singles of our community.

SephardicLink.com is under the guidance and approval of orthodox community Rabbis, and constantly monitored by our team of agents thus insuring the integrity of all members, as well as perpetuating our cherished Sephardic Heritage. Although all pre-screened Jews are welcome, even those from various cities and countries, it will be up to each individual single whether or not they choose to date those from far away, or others closer to home. Matches are determined by a unique combination of computer and personal matchmaker insight.

Our Team

Charles Mizrahi - Founder, SephardicLink

Charles , a 41 year old married community member, is a tremendous asset to the SephardicLink Team. Charles’s interest in founding such a site began when his mother, almost 10 years ago, got remarried after meeting her match on a Jewish Dating Website. Charles felt so inspired by this that he decided it would be a great idea to build a site like this for our own community. Charles’s energy and drive, paired with his experience as a father of singles, helped turn this site into a reality. Charles is a hard working, honest and religious individual who loves ‘hanging out’ with his children. According to Charles, “this site is going to change the community’s entire single scene and I am so glad to be a part of it!”

Kelly Yedid - Executive Director, SephardicLink

Kelly was brought on board to help get the site off the ground and is currently managing the day to day operations of the site. Her involvement with singles began years ago when she was President of a youth group at the SCC and ran many trips, parties, plays, and events for the singles of the community. After she married, the spark to organize such events reignited while, as a writer for Image Magazine,she was researching an article on Speedating and she has since helped with various singles programs. Although she is currently juggling many jobs while raising a family, the desire to help make SephardicLink a reality is paramount. “All of the events I’ve ever done in my life come down to this- I only wish we had a tool like The Link when my generation was single.” Kelly has been happily married for 17 years to Ike Yedid(who she met on a singles trip), and has three children. She also works for Magen David Yeshivah as the afterschool and Sunday program director and is a writer for Image magazine. Her past experiences include spending her summers working as a director in various community camps as well as organizing programs for a variety of community organizations

Hymie Dweck - Visionary Partner , SephardicLink

Hymie Dweck (35) was brought on board a few months in to work with the executive committee of Sephardic Link . He is a contributing partner in all aspects of Sephardic Link and brings his marketing and strategy expertise to the table which greatly benefits the development of The Sephardic Link . " This organization is a hidden treasure that will appreciate it's value to all those involved in a very short period of time" , says Hymie. His past involvement with the Community goes back to The Sephardic Community Center in 1992 where he was involved in organizing trips for the youth in the TNT division . He has committed himself to helping develop the direction of the Sephardic Link as our community's gateway to the future for individuals looking to meet other singles and find their match . "I believe that what we are doing is providing an objective forum for singles of all ages to make better decisions about what they want out of life by presenting them with a wide range of options and opportunities to meet other great singles in our community ." Hymie's interest was sparked when he realized that Sephardic Link can be viewed as the D& B of the community singles . " The link is a tremendous asset that people should take advantage of " he adds. The team at the Link is honored to have Hymie join the group.

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